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Welcome to ExtremeFree, the only way to explore, compare and book your next extraordinary Australian adventure of a lifetime.

Who are we?

ExtremeFree is a handpicked selection of unforgettable thrills to put a little extra heart pump in your holiday. We don’t just list every possible tour out there; we list only the best possible.

We know our stuff. As an Australian business with both local and international staff who have hiked, hot air ballooned and rafted all over this fine country, and who are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experiences with others, we are THE place to go for your outback adventure.

Here at ExtremeFree, we want you to have the most relevant information, useful tools, and knowledgeable support so you end up with your ideal experience. Filter and compare tours based on preferred activity, departure city, and more, or call us on 1800 088 511 at any stage in your process and let one of our stellar staff help you.

We are your thrill-savvy guides. And the best part: our help is free.

Why book with us?

  • We’re in Australia and we’ve been there. ExtremeFree is a proudly Australian part of the AdventureFree group servicing the country’s adventure tourism industry and promoting whale watching tours, Fraser Island tours, outback adventures, and the Great Barrier Reef. We are adventurous folk who have been to these destinations and done those crazy things, so we know what we’re talking about.

    After all, we love our country; we want you to, too.

  • We offer free, knowledgeable and personalised support. Think of us as your very own service to help with your decision making and booking. We know the tours inside and out, and our staff are here to help you with individual and group needs and things like experience and accessibility concerns, tricky itineraries, or competing interests. And if you need to make changes, no worries!

    We understand the uncertainties when booking a new adventure or destination; our team is here to make sure the practical matters are under control, so you can focus on getting excited about the thrills ahead! And if you’ve been before, we can help you find another amazing adventure.

  • We’re transparent. There are no booking or credit card fees, we have an independent rating system and customer reviews, and we make sure there are no hidden costs so you have the information you need to confidently make an informed choice.

  • We give you control. Search and compare tours to find those that meet your specific needs. Browse and book on your own or take advantage of our experts, who are available over the phone 1800 088 511 (Australia) or +61 7 3852 2575 (international) 6am to 10pm AEST. Alternatively, you can contact us online.

Why go extreme in Australia?

Because stepping out of our comfort zones is where the magic happens.

And where better to experience such magic than Australia, with its vast and diverse landscape (we’re the 6th largest country by size), fascinating creatures such as kangaroos, emus, koalas and the shy platypus to name a few, and the open and adventurous spirit of its people.

With a surrounding coastline of around 60,000km and a stunning variety of lakes, rivers and waterways, Australia offers plenty for the water lovers out there: navigate by kayak or raise your adrenaline with a white water rafting trip, or take it even higher and get in the water for an unforgettable shark cage dive. Want to put an engine on it? Then go futuristic and try flyboarding, or feel the wind in your hair as you whip along the coast on a speed boat or jet ski.

Take to the sky in a hot air balloon ride over wine country or a breathtaking scenic flight over the Whitsundays. Or free fall towards our famous white and turquoise coastline and feel your cheeks flap in the wind during a tandem skydive. Or maybe you want to get the thrill without the air in a fighter pilot simulator.

And at around 7.7 million km2, Australia has ample room for all manner of land-based adventures including hiking, 4WD and quad biking tours, go kart racing, mountain and trail biking, wine tasting by bicycle, climbing sand dunes, nocturnal wildlife spotting, and more.

There is something to experience in every state and from all major cities, with tours ranging from 30 minutes to multiple days. Here is just a taste of the tours on offer:

Why not take your date out on an adventure this weekend, add spice to an existing holiday itinerary, or build a whole trip with an AdventureFree tour package (and receive a discount)? No matter what thrills you’re looking for, how much time you have, or where you want to go, this great big land is ready and waiting for you. So go ahead, look through our library of future memorable moments for yourself and then let us help you create the perfect extreme adventure!

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Phone: 1800 088 511 (within Australia) or +61 7 3852 2575 (for international callers) from 6am to 10pm AEST

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